Headwind GSM Modem Driver

Headwind GSM Modem Driver 4.2

Connect to any GSM modem or mobile phone, send and receive SMS and Push messages

Headwind GSM Modem Driver is a professional SMS messaging software which connects the PC with a mobile phone or a GSM modem in order to send and receive SMS messages. The unique feature of the software is the automatic configuration of the serial connection in accordance with the device capabilities, which makes Headwind GSM Modem Driver potentially compatible with every ETSI-compliant GSM or CDMA device. Once configured, Headwind GSM Modem Driver can be automatically launched at startup and is always available in the system tray. No SMSC or web gateways are used, you send a short message from your SIM-card to any mobile phone in the world. Frequently used phone numbers can be saved in the address book, thus the software can be used for bulk SMS messaging.
The software has many useful capabilities such as instant notification on incoming SMS, support of long SMS and WAP Push messages, understanding of non-Latin (UNICODE) letters. There is extensive help on serial port connections including step-by-step instructions and informative communication error diagnostics. The Headwind GSM Modem Driver provides the GUI for SMS messaging as well as the COM/.NET interface. The latter can be used by third-party applications (for example, written in VB.NET) for sending and receiving SMS, thus making Headwind GSM Modem Driver a powerful SMS platform for enterprise solutions. If an incoming message must be treated automatically (for instance, an opt-out request in mobile marketing campaign), a message handler may be set up.
The software is particularly useful for the remote control of the server by short messages (SMS alerts), for the acceptance of orders made by SMS during a marketing campaign, and for bulk sending of SMS notifications to remote personnel.

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